Team Building Events

Team Building Events


Whenever you will be holding a corporate event or convention, Castillo Tours will work with you to brainstorm entertaining team-building programs for your employees. We will take advantage of each destination’s unique local terrain to create fun-filled theme contests, races or multi-activity games that are sure to boost a feeling of comradery in the participants. These costs presented below do not include transportation taking into consideration that they can be done at your host hotel beach area.

Beach Olympics

The event is held beachfront of your chosen hotel or at Icacos Island. Includes staff, all equipment required, and tally of points. Prizes or trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are not included but can be provided according to budget. A permit from “Natural Resource” department is not required unless we install equipment. The following is a list of the most popular activities: Obstacle Course, Tug of war, Crazy leg race, Egg toss, Hoop race, Scrabble (ping pong balls with letters) Theme or words, Sand sculpture, Water reed fill (PVC tubes with holes need to be filled with water), Jibaro Race, and Waiter Race, Sand Ski.

Boat Building Competition

The event can also be held beachfront of your chosen hotel. The fee includes team t-shirts, all materials needed for the construction of the boats as well as blueprints, paddles for rowing and decorations for the final touches of the boats. The blueprints are for a Row Boat. Time is limited to 1ó to 1-. hours for the construction. Once the time ends the boats are all lined up and the race is on! The boat must hold two participants who will race to a designated buoy and return to the starting point. The first boat to return and “remain floating” will win the prize.

Prizes or trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are not included but can be provided according to budget. “Prizes can be goofy prizes such as plastic turtles for the slowest team, compasses for those who lost their way, etc.”

Photographic Treasure Hunt

We would break your group in teams and they would be transported to Old San Juan. Prior to boarding the busses each person will receive a disposable camera as well as a map of the Old City where the walking historical treasure hunt will take place. Teams will be designated by Spanish names such as “Los Tainos”, “Yuquiyu”, etc. Each tour guide will then proceed to start a fascinating historical walk visiting sights such as Casa Blanca, the interior of San Jose Church, Plaza de la Rogativa. They will stroll through the San Juan Gate into the Old City down to view the San Juan Bay Harbor to continue their walk to Paseo La Princesa.

Each team will have in their possession a list of items to search for, they will select an answer and a photo will be taken from a camera carried by the team captain. All items will be related to Old San Juan, example: “At the Governor’s Mansion look for and take a picture of the symbol of unity between the Unites States and Puerto Rico.” Answer: “The Puerto Rican and US Flags that fly over the Governor’s Mansion.” There will be one item that they are to photo shoot relating to that historical site that they are viewing. At the end of the treasure hunt, the team captains camera is collected and developed, Castillo Tours will, mount the pictures on a poster board for display at evening function. Prizes can be awarded to the team who complete the treasure hunt with all correct photos, creativity, and the team who finds the “Spanish Golden Doubloons”.

Bicycle Team Building Event

“Build-A-Bike” teambuilding workshop and charity event is a challenging program where your group is divided into teams to solve specific challenges in order to build bicycles for young children’s charity in our local area. Each team has puzzles to solve and secrets to unlock in order to acquire the resources that they need (part by part) to build a bicycle.

Challenges are discovered along the way that must be overcome in order to accomplish their goal. Teams are divided into groups of six to ten persons. The first task of the teams is to create a name and slogan for their fictitious bike company. Some examples team names are “On-the-go”, “Cycle Away” and “Speedy’s”.

As a team the goal is to build a bicycle, decorate it and promote their bike company by acting in a skit with an accompanying jingle and to create a card for the child who is to receive the bike. Each team will have to accomplish a series of tasks in order to earn bicycle parts such as the frame, handlebars, seat, pedals, helmet and other bike accessories. Teams will race to build the bikes, decorate them while other team members simultaneously create the large cards and team posters to go along with the bikes for the children. A bike technician will be available at all times to ensure that each bike is being constructed properly.

Once all the challenges are completed and the bikes are all constructed, teams perform their skits and sing their jingles. To optimize this event would be to invite the children selected from this charity group to receive their bikes after the event is completed. There is nothing more fulfilling then to see the excitement of these children when they get these new bicycles and for the participants to relish in the emotion that they had the opportunity to take part in this team building and change the lives of these children.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Castillo Tours understands that convention attendees and businesspersons - or anyone else who participates in congresses– may bring along companions who would also like to experience the best of Puerto Rico. We have selected the best tours for them and created fun-filled programs for their participation. These include exciting, one-of-a-kind activities both in and outside the hotel or venue where your group is working at; the best corporate travel solutions.



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